Planning and Resource Management Services

No matter what your project, the right planning advice is critical.  Engaging Cogswell Surveys in the early stages of your project will help prevent project complications, which often result in lost time and money.  

Cogswell Surveys are experienced in all aspects of planning and resource management.  With broad and long standing professional experience in the Cambridge area, we have an extensive understanding of the relevant district and regional plans, by-laws, policies and procedural requirements of the various Councils in the wider Waikato region

We will:

  • Work with you and provide advice on the requirements for obtaining a resource consent
  • Compile applications
  • Subdivision Consents for Rural
    • Transferable Development Right subdivisions
    • Environmental benefit lot subdivisions
    • Surplus dwelling subdivisions
    • Subdivision of activities with Landuse consent
    • Boundary relocations
  • Subdivision Consents for Residential
    • Infill housing
    • Greenfield developments
    • Multi unit developments
    • Boundary changes
  • Landuse Consent for breaches in District Plan rules
    • Boundary setbacks
    • Height in relation to boundaries
    • Permeable Surfaces
    • Outdoor living area
    • Site coverage
  • Liaise with your Local Council and manage the application process through to the end.

"Pete at Cogswell’s has been a fantastic help with our subdivision application and has made the whole process of putting our application through the Council painless, on time and very straight forward."

Andrew Mitchem