Boundary Peg Location and Reinstatement

Whether you are building a fence or a new home, it is important that you get it in the right place. By law, only a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor can identify and mark the precise location of the boundaries of your land. Getting it right the first time will help avoid the stress and expense of any future disputes. 

Our Licensed Cadastral Surveyors can:

  • Help resolve existing boundaries problems
  • Indicate of confirm the correctness of existing boundary marks
  • Replace boundary marks which have been removed or disturbed
  • Place addition marks to better delineate a boundary
  • Prepare legal survey data when necessary to document the location of the boundaries of your land.
  • Advise you of possible remedies when boundary disputes or encroachments have occurred

"I dreaded the idea of going through the process of a boundary re alignment. Cogswell's made it such a smooth process and kept in contact with us regularly. The whole process was very smooth and easy for us. The team are very professional and most of all very efficient at getting the job done in a strict time frame."

Woburn Farm